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The Company Group operates its business under a framework of good governance, transparency, and accountability, with a commitment to develop the business while striving for a sustainable balance in the economic, social, and environmental aspects.

The Company Group aspires to be a leading example in society as it conducts business with sustainable growth and social responsibility based on ethical principles and good corporate governance. It aims to efficiently reward shareholders while considering the impact of its business operations on stakeholders in all areas. To fulfill these objectives, the Company Group has established various social responsibility policies, as outlined below.

The Company Group considers the interests of stakeholders and emphasizes the sustainable management of activities throughout the value chain.

The value chain of the Company Group includes research and development, procurement of raw materials, production processes, inventory management, transportation, marketing and sales, customer service, and supporting activities such as human resource management and technology development. Each activity within the value chain is detailed as follows:

Core Activities

Production Process
Inventory Management and Transportation
Marketing and Sales
Customer Service
Research and Development of Products

Support Activities

Human Resource Management
Technology Development