PSP SPECIALTIES is a leading manufacturer of lubricants, greases, rubber process oil, and transformer oil. Striving to the world-class service provider, we deliver a wide range of products at the global standard and excellent service quality to our customers. Over 30 years of continuous improvement and innovation, we leap ahead of other businesses and walk hand in hand with our business partners under the social responsibility philosophy. At PSP’s facilities, the expert team has worked with the utmost afford to ensure your business success and maximum satisfaction. Our manufacturing procedures are consistent with international standards, while maintaining the highest quality management to avoid any form of defects or errors.
The excellent performances
We deliver high-performance lubricants and grease that are suitable for the complex requirements of OEM's and the needs of customers worldwide.
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The ultimate development
PSP is currently a major supplier to the international tyre manufacturer across the region. We proudly achieved European standard requirements and universal recognition. Our technical supports and end-to-end services are second to none in the industry.
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The Market-Leader of Transformer oil in Thailand
PSP performs high-standard manufacturing of Transformer oil for over 30 years. Our business operation goes in line with universal benchmarking and quality control. PSP has taken over 60% of the market share in Thailand and is trusted by numerous international companies and OEM transformer manufacturers.
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