The Market-Leader of Transformer oil in Thailand
PSP performs high-standard manufacturing of Transformer oil for over 30 years. Our business operation goes in line with universal benchmarking and quality control. PSP has taken over 60% of the market share in Thailand and is trusted by numerous international companies and OEM transformer manufacturers.
We are one of the leading Transformer oil manufacturers in the region.
Our long-standing experience over the past decades is recognized.
An inclusive product line is offered to customers.
Upholding the excellent service philosophy, PSP’s well-qualified technical support teams provided customer with various practical knowledge with new skills development through participative workshops. We have adequate in-house material stocks reassuring the on-time delivery and disruption-free supply chain.
Well-qualified technical support teams are always ready for your business.
We provide recommendations for lab equipment and calibration tools.
Disruption-free of the supply chain is guaranteed.



PSP delivers high-quality products guaranteed by various international certifications covering the entire manufacturing process to protect the environment and natural resources such as ISO9001,14001. We collectively work with other international laboratories for quality check and control on a regular basis.
PSP's laboratory is highly innovative and standard guaranteed by ISO/IEC 17025.
We deliver high-quality products at international standards to customers.
Production with environmental protection is our core value.
We have specially developed for use in electrical equipment, distribution transformers, power transformers, rectifiers, circuit breakers, and switchgears.
  • Reliable oxidation stability for enhanced transformer life and minimum maintenance.
  • Good heat transfer from low viscosity ensuring heat is efficiently removed from core and windings.
  • High dielectric strength and exceeds the toughest demanded on dielectric strength.
  • 1. ASTM D3487 : Type II
  • 2. IEC 60296
  • Uninhibited
  • Inhibited
  • 3. Biodegradable

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